People and Culture in Wales

With one of the richest and longest continuous histories in Europe, a storybook landscape, Wales is a must-visit location. It features rich and unique cultural traditions, some of the oldest stories in the world, as well as landscapes, architecture, and traditions that run from the prehistoric times to the modern age. With a friendly and charming population, Wales is a marvelous place to visit.

Wales has been continuously occupied since the end of the last ice age, and because it was never fully taken over by Rome, many of its pre-historic traditions and monuments can still be seen. From stone circles and barrow graves, this ancient history continues to influence the culture of Wales today. Wales has clung to its history and culture like no other European country. Here you can still find druids and poets who trace their lines back to the ancient druids and bards who worshipped at and wrote about the stone circles when they were still in use. All of these connections reverberate through the ages to make Wales the unique destination it is today.

The culture of Wales is not defined by the pre-historic alone, however. There is a vast landscape of castles, manor houses, abbeys, and churches from the Medieval and post-medieval period to be scene. This is the period when those ancient poems were written down, and also helped form the modern identity of Wales as a nation.

The modern nation of Wales offers not only the landscapes of the past and present, but also a way to see the artifacts of those eras. Visitors to the National Museum can see visual arts dating back millennia. From paintings to rock carvings, from tapestries to pot shards, the National Museum offers a wonderful display of Wale’s past and culture.

Modern Wales also offers a wide range of culturally defining activities, including sports, media production, national cuisine and performing arts. Sports options in Wales include football, rugby, and cricket. While these sports have a huge international following, Wales also offers local sports which display Welsh culture, such as Bando, a game that is similar to field hockey and lacrosse.

Sports are not the only entertainment option in Wales. In recent years it has become a popular site to produce movies and television shows. This means that you can walk around in the footsteps of your favorite character from Doctor Who or Life on Mars. The recent media surge has also helped shape the culture of modern Wales by attracting young professionals and technology experts who have been starting businesses and reshaping the face of modern Wales.

Finally, a description of any culture is incomplete without a discussion of the food. With 78% of the land being used for agricultural purposes, mostly grazing and herding. As such the food in Wales is often fresh or local, with many different lamb, beef, and fish dishes. Traditional Welsh cooking includes laverbread, made with an edible seaweed, bara brith, which is a fruit bread, as well as Welsch cakes, Welsh lamb, and cawl cennin.

The land of Wales has much to offer. With its rich history, a culture that can trace its roots back to pre-historic times but still reflects the modern world, and an almost unmatched appreciation for words, poetry, songs, and stories, Wales is a country you have to visit, but may not ever want to leave.

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