Historical Attractions when visiting Wales

Wales holiday will allow you and your family to experience the perfect fusion of rich history and modern outdoor fun.The country of Wales is a holiday destination offering outstanding unspoilt scenery, award winning beaches, plus over six hundred historic castles, many dating back over one thousand years.

The north of the country is dominated by the Snowdonia National Park with Mount Snowdon, the highest peak in Wales at over 3500 feet, a popular draw for walkers, mountaineers and extreme sport enthusiasts.

Further south are the Pembrokeshire Coast and Brecon Beacons National Parks. Both offer stunning scenery with long sandy Blue Flag beaches, rolling wild hills and mountains leading down to stunning valleys with picturesque towns and villages.

All areas of Wales offer a wide range of activities and family day’s out to keep you occupied during a short break or family holiday.

In 2002 alone, there were around 8 million tourists who have chosen Wales as their holiday destination. Everytime you talk about Wales holiday, you will not miss out on world famous castles thriving within the country. Here are some of the must-visit castles in Wales.

Caerphilly Castle

If you are travelling in a group, especially when you are spending Wales holiday with your whole family, Caerphilly Castle is sure to leave a lasting mark in your memories. Caerphilly boasts one of Britain’s largest medieval citadels and stages a grand program to match the land area. Both local and tourists are attracted to this place during the much-awaited Big Cheese Festival which happens every year. The feast provides fun-filled entertainment for the whole family during weekends on the castle grounds.

Beaumaris Castle

Most castles in Wales look so serene and beautiful to its truest essence. However, do not be deceived by the panoramic view of Beaumaris castle, because it bears countless sophisticated armory and war technology. Who could have thought that this late 13th century fortress has wicked touches and murder history. Stories would identify that defenders of the castle will normally drop boiling oil onto the enemies. Harsh and violent as it may sound, Beaumaris castle still is one of the most visited during Wales holiday.

Crow Castle

Castell Dinas Bran or commonly known as Crow Castle is a legend standing on a 2,600 year old fort-hill. Many historians believe that the missing Holy Grail (cited in the Indiana Jones movie and Dan Brown novels) is cradled inside this citadel.

Powis Castle

A mecca for garden enthusiasts, Powis Castle was built 800 years ago and is now home to hundreds of different species of plants and flowers. Wales holiday will never be as colorful as when you walk through the vast and beautiful landscape of Powis castle. In the 1700s, Italian-inspired terraces, lush herbaceous linings and exotic plants cascading from the walls came to life.

Carreg Cennen Castle

For those who still want to go on adventure while touring the brood of castles around Wales, Careg Cennen Castle will give you a dose of fun. This is because before you could even reach and explore the castle, you have to climb the 300 ft above the little River of Cennen.

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