Festivals and traditions of Wales

Wales is a country in the United Kingdom, having England on its eastern side. With more than 3 million populations, Wales is the 3rd largest country in the United Kingdom. Cardiff is the capital and the largest city of Wales. It is a nice country to visit with your family and loved ones other than the popular countries that we know about.

Most popular festivals of Wales:-

Wales is known for its diverse culture. The festivals and the traditions are very much popular among people. Some of the well known festivals of Wales are:-

Music festivals in Wales:- Music is in the heart of the people here and its very famous among the travelers who visit Wales all across the world. Referred as the land of songs, Wales celebrate their music events slightly different than the other UK countries so as to create a unique diversity. The famous musical events and shows are “Festival No 6”, “Wakestock”, “Swn” and “Greenman”. The mind blowing music and the crazy environment will make you feel something which is unforgettable.

Food festivals in Wales:- With the development of the modern civilization, United Kingdom has witnessed a rapid change in the lifestyle of the people. In Wales, there is various food festivals organized all over the year. “Abergavenny food festival” is the most popular in the Wales. This is almost an 18 years old food festivals celebrated in Wales. Started in the year of 1998, that time this festival was celebrated among 2500 people on particular wet Sunday. Now at present more over 50000 people is the part of this festival. Even people use to come from the other countries of the Great Britain to attend this wonderful event.

The National Eisteddfod:- This is one of the national festivals of Wales for its culture and various amendments. This festival is celebrated every year during the beginning of the August in every year and it continues for eight days. There are various events are conducted within this festivals for all category of people so that everybody can have bit of taste of this wonderful festive mood.

Hearth festival:- It may sound new to the people who have not discovered much about the Wales. This festival held every year in Wales in the month of February as well as in the November too. The main reason behind this festival is to make people improve their writing skills and how they can write about their favorite topics in efficient way. Also how to fruitfully publish your content, novel in front of the others so that it becomes worthy.

Some of the myths and Traditions of Wales:-

Mari Lwyd St Fagans Museum:- In the Christmas eve every year a horse figured called “Mary Lwyd” carried from one house to another as a symbol of exchanging cakes.

The famous Lady of the lake:- The common myth among the people that this lake is the devoted wife of a boy who dreamt of having it.

The significance of Wales national flag:- In the year 1959, the flag of Wales was become official. The red dragon signifies the vision of Merlin, the Arthurian legend. The white and the green are the colors symbolized as the house of the Tudors.

Bilingual road sign of Wales:- The official Wales language is actually spoken by the people live at the rural areas of this country. The English is mostly spoken, for that the road signs at each important crossing are written on different languages to make people understood easily.

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