Climate and geography of Wales

In order to make the right decision when about to travel to Wales, you should do some form of research about Climate and geography of Wales. Wales is a member of the United Kingdom. It is located towards the west of England. The state has a lot of attractive things you can ever come across. There are lots of tourists who travel to Wales for different reasons. The landscape of Wales will make you marvel. The culture and the history of the place will make you stay entertained for the entire time you will visit.

Climate and geography of Wales and common questions you can ask about the state

Where is Wales?

If you will like to travel to Wales, then you will just head towards the west of the island called Great Britain. It is a member of the United Kingdom and it is located to the West of England. If you will like to travel to England, then you can have Wales as one of the places where you can travel to.


How big is Wales?

The area of Wales if 20,000 square kilometers. At the widest it is about 200 kilometers stretching from east to west. On the north to south stretch, it stretches for about 250 kilometers.

What’s the geography of Wales?

In Wales you will come across a wide range of geography. The geography has a lot of contrasts for you to learn from. In the southern part, you will see coastal plains which give way to valleys followed by ranges of hills. You will see a lot of hills and mountains in the mid and northern parts of Wales. Wales has three national parks and 5 areas which have outstanding natural beauty. The parks cover about a quarter the landmass of wales. About 80% of the land in Wales is dedicated to agriculture. The agricultural land involves livestock and crops.

The largest mountains in the northern part of Wales are part of Snowdonia range. The largest mountain in the ranges is the Snowdon at 1,085 meters. The state has more than 1300 kilometers of coastline which range from long and flat sandy beaches to cliffs.

Weather & climate

Wales receive less sunshine when compared to England. It is wetter with temperatures ranging from 15�C (59�F) to 25�C (77�F) during summer. In summer there are lots of downpours. This makes it necessary for you to be armed with warm clothing when visiting the area. The months of June to August are the hottest during summer. The summer months are the busiest for tourists because they coincide with school holidays. Beaches flock with tourists during the summer months. If you will like to travel outside the holidays and still enjoy your time, then you need to travel during May and September, the months are a bit warm and they will experience less congestion for tourists. If you will like to enjoy your tours of Wales, then you need to travel according to the area while wearing the right clothing. Waterproof clothing is suitable for both winter and summer. If you will like to walk through the mountains, then you need to wear trekking boots.


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