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Climate and geography of Wales

In order to make the right decision when about to travel to Wales, you should do some form of research about Climate and geography of Wales. Wales is a member of the United Kingdom. It is located towards the west of England. The state has a lot of attractive things you can ever come across. There are lots of tourists who travel to Wales for different reasons. The landscape of Wales will make you marvel. The culture and the history of the place will make you stay entertained for the entire time you will visit.

Climate and geography of Wales and common questions you can ask about the state

Where is Wales?

If you will like to travel to Wales, then you will just head towards the west of the island called Great Britain. It is a member of the United Kingdom and it is located to the West of England. If you will like to travel to England, then you can have Wales as one of the places where you can travel to.


How big is Wales?

The area of Wales if 20,000 square kilometers. At the widest it is about 200 kilometers stretching from east to west. On the north to south stretch, it stretches for about 250 kilometers.

What’s the geography of Wales?

In Wales you will come across a wide range of geography. The geography has a lot of contrasts for you to learn from. In the southern part, you will see coastal plains which give way to valleys followed by ranges of hills. You will see a lot of hills and mountains in the mid and northern parts of Wales. Wales has three national parks and 5 areas which have outstanding natural beauty. The parks cover about a quarter the landmass of wales. About 80% of the land in Wales is dedicated to agriculture. The agricultural land involves livestock and crops.

The largest mountains in the northern part of Wales are part of Snowdonia range. The largest mountain in the ranges is the Snowdon at 1,085 meters. The state has more than 1300 kilometers of coastline which range from long and flat sandy beaches to cliffs.

Weather & climate

Wales receive less sunshine when compared to England. It is wetter with temperatures ranging from 15�C (59�F) to 25�C (77�F) during summer. In summer there are lots of downpours. This makes it necessary for you to be armed with warm clothing when visiting the area. The months of June to August are the hottest during summer. The summer months are the busiest for tourists because they coincide with school holidays. Beaches flock with tourists during the summer months. If you will like to travel outside the holidays and still enjoy your time, then you need to travel during May and September, the months are a bit warm and they will experience less congestion for tourists. If you will like to enjoy your tours of Wales, then you need to travel according to the area while wearing the right clothing. Waterproof clothing is suitable for both winter and summer. If you will like to walk through the mountains, then you need to wear trekking boots.


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Festivals and traditions of Wales

Wales is a country in the United Kingdom, having England on its eastern side. With more than 3 million populations, Wales is the 3rd largest country in the United Kingdom. Cardiff is the capital and the largest city of Wales. It is a nice country to visit with your family and loved ones other than the popular countries that we know about.

Most popular festivals of Wales:-

Wales is known for its diverse culture. The festivals and the traditions are very much popular among people. Some of the well known festivals of Wales are:-

Music festivals in Wales:- Music is in the heart of the people here and its very famous among the travelers who visit Wales all across the world. Referred as the land of songs, Wales celebrate their music events slightly different than the other UK countries so as to create a unique diversity. The famous musical events and shows are “Festival No 6”, “Wakestock”, “Swn” and “Greenman”. The mind blowing music and the crazy environment will make you feel something which is unforgettable.

Food festivals in Wales:- With the development of the modern civilization, United Kingdom has witnessed a rapid change in the lifestyle of the people. In Wales, there is various food festivals organized all over the year. “Abergavenny food festival” is the most popular in the Wales. This is almost an 18 years old food festivals celebrated in Wales. Started in the year of 1998, that time this festival was celebrated among 2500 people on particular wet Sunday. Now at present more over 50000 people is the part of this festival. Even people use to come from the other countries of the Great Britain to attend this wonderful event.

The National Eisteddfod:- This is one of the national festivals of Wales for its culture and various amendments. This festival is celebrated every year during the beginning of the August in every year and it continues for eight days. There are various events are conducted within this festivals for all category of people so that everybody can have bit of taste of this wonderful festive mood.

Hearth festival:- It may sound new to the people who have not discovered much about the Wales. This festival held every year in Wales in the month of February as well as in the November too. The main reason behind this festival is to make people improve their writing skills and how they can write about their favorite topics in efficient way. Also how to fruitfully publish your content, novel in front of the others so that it becomes worthy.

Some of the myths and Traditions of Wales:-

Mari Lwyd St Fagans Museum:- In the Christmas eve every year a horse figured called “Mary Lwyd” carried from one house to another as a symbol of exchanging cakes.

The famous Lady of the lake:- The common myth among the people that this lake is the devoted wife of a boy who dreamt of having it.

The significance of Wales national flag:- In the year 1959, the flag of Wales was become official. The red dragon signifies the vision of Merlin, the Arthurian legend. The white and the green are the colors symbolized as the house of the Tudors.

Bilingual road sign of Wales:- The official Wales language is actually spoken by the people live at the rural areas of this country. The English is mostly spoken, for that the road signs at each important crossing are written on different languages to make people understood easily.

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Food and Drink of Wales

Wales is an ancient country, full of natural beauty and man made majesty. The wonders of Wales are endless and any visit to the country would be full of life long memories for you and your family. But, it’s not just about sight-seeing and picture taking. Part of vacationing is taking in the local culture and, if just for a night, integrating yourself into the city. And for many, that means taking in local watering holes and food options and Wales is among the most sophisticated places in the world to get a bite to eat and a drink to savor. Get out your food handlers card and get ready to go on a world of an adventure in the most delicious spots in Wales.


Bar 44


Bar 44 in Penarth is the place to go if tapas are your style of dining. All dishes are cooked to order and come to the table as they’re ready which makes for a never ending night of food and fun. There’s daily specials, lunch offers, and a menu for children. Their drink offerings range from wine spritzers to your traditional liquors and beers on tap.


Café Citta


If you are in Cardiff and in need of a killer pizza then Café Citta is your place. The restaurant is small but that only adds to its home-style, Italian cooking. The kitchen is open for your viewing pleasure so you can let your mouth water are your wood fire pizza is cooked to perfection. They also offer a selection of beer and wine to compliment any meal.


Chai Street


If you are still in Cardiff and looking for a little more ethnic flare, this Indian street kitchen is the place to go. There are no reservations at Chai Street but the lines can get long for this delicious and famous food. The cuisine is authentic, the restaurant façade is very unique, and the over atmosphere is a lot of fun. If you’re not afraid of some spice, this is the place for you.




This Saunndersfoot seafood restaurant is ideal for anyone looking to dip their toes into the sleek and modern side of Welsh restaurant hoping. They offer a variety of seafood with an amazing view of the Welsh coastline in the main dining room and patio seating is available. While the little ones might find it boring, the adults are sure to enjoy the modern feel in this quiet Welsh village.




Swinging back to the urban center of Cardiff and the craving for Indian cuisine, Moksh is going to offer you some of the most unique eating you have ever had. This restaurant offers some real modern fusion on classic Indian dishes that doesn’t sacrifice taste and substance for a break in tradition. It is fun, unique, and very surprising for anyone looking to get a little more daring with their dining options.


Wales is positively bursting with food and drink options. And there are many more across the country that did not make it onto this list. Do some research and check out the restaurants above to see if any of them hit that particular craving of food and atmosphere you’re looking for.

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Historical Attractions when visiting Wales

Wales holiday will allow you and your family to experience the perfect fusion of rich history and modern outdoor fun.The country of Wales is a holiday destination offering outstanding unspoilt scenery, award winning beaches, plus over six hundred historic castles, many dating back over one thousand years.

The north of the country is dominated by the Snowdonia National Park with Mount Snowdon, the highest peak in Wales at over 3500 feet, a popular draw for walkers, mountaineers and extreme sport enthusiasts.

Further south are the Pembrokeshire Coast and Brecon Beacons National Parks. Both offer stunning scenery with long sandy Blue Flag beaches, rolling wild hills and mountains leading down to stunning valleys with picturesque towns and villages.

All areas of Wales offer a wide range of activities and family day’s out to keep you occupied during a short break or family holiday.

In 2002 alone, there were around 8 million tourists who have chosen Wales as their holiday destination. Everytime you talk about Wales holiday, you will not miss out on world famous castles thriving within the country. Here are some of the must-visit castles in Wales.

Caerphilly Castle

If you are travelling in a group, especially when you are spending Wales holiday with your whole family, Caerphilly Castle is sure to leave a lasting mark in your memories. Caerphilly boasts one of Britain’s largest medieval citadels and stages a grand program to match the land area. Both local and tourists are attracted to this place during the much-awaited Big Cheese Festival which happens every year. The feast provides fun-filled entertainment for the whole family during weekends on the castle grounds.

Beaumaris Castle

Most castles in Wales look so serene and beautiful to its truest essence. However, do not be deceived by the panoramic view of Beaumaris castle, because it bears countless sophisticated armory and war technology. Who could have thought that this late 13th century fortress has wicked touches and murder history. Stories would identify that defenders of the castle will normally drop boiling oil onto the enemies. Harsh and violent as it may sound, Beaumaris castle still is one of the most visited during Wales holiday.

Crow Castle

Castell Dinas Bran or commonly known as Crow Castle is a legend standing on a 2,600 year old fort-hill. Many historians believe that the missing Holy Grail (cited in the Indiana Jones movie and Dan Brown novels) is cradled inside this citadel.

Powis Castle

A mecca for garden enthusiasts, Powis Castle was built 800 years ago and is now home to hundreds of different species of plants and flowers. Wales holiday will never be as colorful as when you walk through the vast and beautiful landscape of Powis castle. In the 1700s, Italian-inspired terraces, lush herbaceous linings and exotic plants cascading from the walls came to life.

Carreg Cennen Castle

For those who still want to go on adventure while touring the brood of castles around Wales, Careg Cennen Castle will give you a dose of fun. This is because before you could even reach and explore the castle, you have to climb the 300 ft above the little River of Cennen.

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People and Culture in Wales

With one of the richest and longest continuous histories in Europe, a storybook landscape, Wales is a must-visit location. It features rich and unique cultural traditions, some of the oldest stories in the world, as well as landscapes, architecture, and traditions that run from the prehistoric times to the modern age. With a friendly and charming population, Wales is a marvelous place to visit.

Wales has been continuously occupied since the end of the last ice age, and because it was never fully taken over by Rome, many of its pre-historic traditions and monuments can still be seen. From stone circles and barrow graves, this ancient history continues to influence the culture of Wales today. Wales has clung to its history and culture like no other European country. Here you can still find druids and poets who trace their lines back to the ancient druids and bards who worshipped at and wrote about the stone circles when they were still in use. All of these connections reverberate through the ages to make Wales the unique destination it is today.

The culture of Wales is not defined by the pre-historic alone, however. There is a vast landscape of castles, manor houses, abbeys, and churches from the Medieval and post-medieval period to be scene. This is the period when those ancient poems were written down, and also helped form the modern identity of Wales as a nation.

The modern nation of Wales offers not only the landscapes of the past and present, but also a way to see the artifacts of those eras. Visitors to the National Museum can see visual arts dating back millennia. From paintings to rock carvings, from tapestries to pot shards, the National Museum offers a wonderful display of Wale’s past and culture.

Modern Wales also offers a wide range of culturally defining activities, including sports, media production, national cuisine and performing arts. Sports options in Wales include football, rugby, and cricket. While these sports have a huge international following, Wales also offers local sports which display Welsh culture, such as Bando, a game that is similar to field hockey and lacrosse.

Sports are not the only entertainment option in Wales. In recent years it has become a popular site to produce movies and television shows. This means that you can walk around in the footsteps of your favorite character from Doctor Who or Life on Mars. The recent media surge has also helped shape the culture of modern Wales by attracting young professionals and technology experts who have been starting businesses and reshaping the face of modern Wales.

Finally, a description of any culture is incomplete without a discussion of the food. With 78% of the land being used for agricultural purposes, mostly grazing and herding. As such the food in Wales is often fresh or local, with many different lamb, beef, and fish dishes. Traditional Welsh cooking includes laverbread, made with an edible seaweed, bara brith, which is a fruit bread, as well as Welsch cakes, Welsh lamb, and cawl cennin.

The land of Wales has much to offer. With its rich history, a culture that can trace its roots back to pre-historic times but still reflects the modern world, and an almost unmatched appreciation for words, poetry, songs, and stories, Wales is a country you have to visit, but may not ever want to leave.

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